Mr. Speed

Every great relationship starts with a kiss. You have now taken the first step in giving your event that pulse racing effect that your fans demand. Our tribute is a real labor of love, one that lives and breathes the true essence of what it means to be a fan. MR.SPEED believes that to do what you love you have to love what you do. 

For over 23 years every time we have taken the stage we have done so first as fans, just like you. Our experience speaks for itself and we want your event to be a part of our history. A history that has taken us from club shows to stadiums, from theaters to community fairs and festivals. Even sharing the stage with legendary KISS guitarist Ace Frehley in 2007 was a rock and roll dream come true for MR.SPEED. 

We stand alone in a world of countless tributes in that we believe in what we do and respect the choice you have when selecting your entertainment. MR.SPEED is confident in these beliefs and we understand that in the end our professionalism, experience and devotion to our act will help to create the lasting memories that your event is striving to attain. Your success is our future. 

In 2012 MR.SPEED stood toe to toe against over 200 KISS tribute bands from all over the world. In the end they were crowned "The Best KISS Tribute Band in the World" at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. This distinction was awarded to them by none other than Tommy Thayer of KISS. 

In April of 2014 MR.SPEED brought Season 3 of "The World's Greatest Tribute Bands" on AXS TV to a rocking finale. Their performance was broadcast into over 40 million homes placing MR.SPEED into the public conscience on an international level unlike ever before. 

When you were young you did things because you knew it would be fun. Don’t second guess yourself now. MR.SPEED is exactly what the doctor ordered and performing at your event is our cure. Working together we will continue to proclaim our mantra that we are keeping classic KISS alive! 

Mr. Speed

Mr. Speed


"Detroit Rock City/Shout It Out Loud"